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This past Christmas TerraSteel Furniture Design had the privilege & honor to buy toys for all the homeless kids currently staying at the Bethlehem Inn. We haven't had that much fun shopping for toys since we were kids.  Justin & I just wanted to shout out and say that the Bethlehem Inn crew does good deeds all year round.  If you have any sleeping bags please drop them to Bethlehem Inn.  A lot of people drop clothes to Goodwill, but we recommend dropping them to Bethlehem Inn so they can also get immediate use. 

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

Proud to be an Award Winning Custom Furniture Designer based outta' Bend, Oregon and serving all of Oregon & Washington.  Your Vision, HandCrafted.

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TerraSteel Design
TerraSteel Design


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