Our new art series will leave you shocked and awed...

Our current technique will transform the way you think about our designs...

Here at TerraSteel, we like to push the boundaries of style and imagination and experiment with different techniques and methods to create leading edge designs.  One of our most recent techniques involves a little bit of power, chemistry and some luck to leave a unique pattern into our wood pieces.  What makes this method interesting and exciting for us is that it allows the wood to dictate the design.  Rather than using a form or a stamp to burn these patterns into the wood that creates mass-produced designs that are all the same, the different species, densities, and grain patterns determine the details making every piece of wood unique and one-of-a-kind.

We have incorporated this new style into our newest "Current ARTifacts" series.  We have a variety of finished wall art pieces on our website for sale, but we can also make custom pieces to fit a specific space in your home or office.  Beyond wall art, we are starting to incorporate these new designs into some of our furniture.  Because the designs are essentially "etched" into the wood, once we seal and finish them, the texture is still present but is protected.

Below are some of examples of the different species and the various patterns that have emerged...

(Wood species in order from top to bottom:  Bubinga, Sapele, Western Maple)

Current ARTifacts Series - Bubinga - TerraSteel Furniture Design, Bend, OR

 Current ARTifacts Series - Sapele - TerraSteel Furniture Design, Bend, OR

Current ARTifacts Series - Western Maple - TerraSteel Furniture Design, Bend, OR


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TerraSteel Design


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