About Us

Justin Penfield

Owner / Designer / Fabricator



“Attention to detail lives inside every step of taking our client’s vision from concept to reality.”

Justin was born and raised on a farm in the rolling Appalachian Mountains of central Pennsylvania. “Working on several farms really introduced me to the exploration of woodworking which is something that I still carry with me today.”

Always having the dream to live in the Pacific Northwest, Justin packed up and moved to Central Oregon in early 2012, met Kirk Casey (Founder), & came to work at TerraSteel.

From fabrication & exotic wood species, Justin finds himself working through each piece while being open to adaptation & creative evolution. His experience contributes to every detail, from the placement of a welding bead, how a wood grain lives, & even how the hardware fuses the piece together.

“Owning TerraSteel is a new and exciting frontier that pushes my artistic talents every day. To have an occupation where I can bring my creativity to life while fusing fabrication, woodworking, and creative materials is a privilege.”

Outside of TerraSteel, Justin spends time with his close friends enjoying his explorations here in Central Oregon either backcountry skiing, mountain biking, climbing or working on his art.


Jut McDaniels

Fabricator at TerraSteel Design 

“It is great to be able to push ourselves and our client's imagination with our profession.”

Jut hails from southeast Pennsylvania where he gained experience in construction and auto repair, learning to weld and fabricate from an early age in his parent's garage. After graduating from Penn State in 2007, he has traveled around the country for work and play until landing in Bend, Oregon in March of 2016. "It was an unintentional move and career change, but very serendipitous the way the events played out."

Jut knew Justin when they both lived in Pennsylvania and while on a road trip around the country, Jut came to Bend to visit and never left.  Within a few hours of arriving, Justin offered him an opportunity to work as a fabricator at TerraSteel.  Realizing the opportunity that was presented to him, he joined Justin full-time and has not had any regrets with his decision.

It is great to work beside someone who is open to my opinions and ideas as well as share and embrace the same attention to detail. Being able to work with my hands fabricating as well as influencing designs feeds my creative desires. I have a great job working beside a great friend and working with great clients in a great part of the country, it was an all-around win!

When not at TerraSteel, you can find Jut mountain biking, paddling the rivers, writing and playing music, and exploring the areas around Central Oregon with friends new and old.