Live Edge Furniture

Terrasteel Furniture Design of Bend, Oregon strives to allow wood and steel to blend together in a natural and organic way.  Many of our pieces are shaped in-house for the furniture that we build, but there are some pieces that are so unique, we feel they are better left in their raw state.  Our live edge series' primary guide and focus is the concerted design of the piece and the live edge portion is solely a contributing component.  We search for slabs that correlate to our concept rather than letting the live edge dictate our intentions for a piece. This principle is evident in the stance that we incorporate into a piece, the style and construction of our bases, and the attention that we give to our welds and hardware. All of these factors contribute to the attitude and are present in every piece we build.

Our live edge collection showcases how we incorporate the natural persona of the wood slab into our designs while still maintaining a modern, chic presence.