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In the spirit of pushing the boundaries of creativity and design, we are proud of our latest work of functional art. This "Living River" dining table is comprised of two beautiful black walnut slabs that were sourced locally from Jewell Hardwoods in Clackamas, OR. They are bookmatched slabs with the live edge arranged on the interior (contrary to most "live edge" furniture) and rotated 180° relative to each other. The center is a piece of ¼" plate steel that was fabricated by ISCO here in Bend, OR to match the black walnut's grain pattern and then positioned in the void between the two halves for a flush fit. The process that we used in the construction allowed us to assemble the table with very tight tolerances for a virtually seamless boundary between the wood and the steel. The steel was lightly ground in a fashion that allows for light to catch the etched lines to give the illusion of river current and has a transparent powder-coated finish. The wood is protected with multiple coats of hand-rubbed polyurethane for a deep luster and the joint where the steel and wood meet is sealed to prevent liquids from running between the two materials. It is all supported on tubular steel legs with a center spine for a solid support structure that is sleek and simple so as to not distract from the table top.

This was a very fun and challenging build for us. It caused us to push our skills and come up with new techniques in order to maintain the level of accuracy for the fitment of the two different materials, and we feel the result speaks for itself.

Our live edge series' primary guide and focus is the concerted design of the piece and the live edge portion is solely a contributing component.

We search for slabs that correlate to our concept rather than letting the live edge dictate our intentions for a piece. This principle is evident in the stance that we incorporate into a piece, the style and construction of our bases, and the attention that we give to our welds and hardware. All of these factors contribute to the attitude and are present in every piece we build.

This piece marks the start of our new "Live Edge" collection section of our website!


"Living River" Dining table - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, ORSee how the steel follows the natural grain lines of the Black Walnut slabs - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, ORTight tolerances between the wood and steel - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, ORSee how the light catches the steel and for the illusion of water - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, ORSimple, clean leg design that give a solid foundation without distracting from the top - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, ORSee how the light catches the steel and for the illusion of water - TerraSteel Furniture Design, LLC - Bend, OR

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