sapele_smallAfrica (Entandrophragma Cylindricum). Reminiscent of Mahogany, Sapele show cases a beautiful rich reddish brown color and is also more durable than your traditional Mahogany. A popular use of Sapele today is in the construction of musical instruments and was the key wood used in propellers for German Zeppelins!


bloodwood_smallSouth America (Brosmium Paraense). Bloodwood boasts an incredible lustrous red surface once it has a finish on it. Although it poses some challenges in the wood working process, the characteristics of its hardness, strength and coloration make this a crimson favorite.


paduak_smallWest Africa (Pterocarpus Soyauxii). Paduak has a wonderfully unique red-orange hue and is sometimes referred to as Vermillion. It is often used for specialty wood objects, fine furniture, wood flooring and musical string instruments.


lacewood_smallSouth America (Roupala Brasiliensis). Lacewood has a pink to reddish brown color when finished and has a highly figured lacelike pattern in the grain of the wood. Several common uses for the wood are in ornamental inlays, cabinetmaking, furniture and paneling.


borbinga_smallAfrica (Guibourtia Species). Bubinga has a pink to reddish brown color with dark purple or black streaks in the grain. It is most commonly used for inlays, fine furniture and cabinetry. It is an immensely popular imported hardwood from Africa and is beloved as much for its quirky name as it is for its strength and beauty.


fir_small(Reclaimed Timbers) – Locally reclaimed from the Pacific Northwest from old barns and bridge structures.

Powder coating

powder_coating_smallAll of our steel gets powder coated locally, unless otherwise ordered. We have over 2000 custom colors to choose from, so you can get the exact look you desire for your home or office.


hardwareWe use the highest quality stainless steel and black alloy steel hardware. Stainless steel cable and rigging is also incorporated in several of our pieces. Plastic is for IKEA!!
We also use tempered glass and stone, along with rice paper, steel and fused glass inlays to achieve the exact look and design we’re after.















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