Traditional Design with a Twist - TerraSteel Furniture Design Bend, OR

TerraSteel is in the midst of constructing a heavy hitting piece designed with celebration in mind!

Here at TerraSteel, we cater to our client's designs and function.  We encourage our customers to be as curious and creative as we are which pushes us to design and create pieces to fit their needs...regardless of the creative twists.  

Below are some assembly images of a piece that we are currently constructing for one of our clients.  It features a heavy duty 1" x 2" square tube frame with rows of 4" diameter steel tubes that are just over 17" long and backed with expanded steel.  It has been welded and braced with 3" x 1/4" steel flat bar.  It is big, heavy and ready to pop into action.

Any ideas on what it may be?  Submit your comments and stay tuned to find out...


TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, Oregon

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, Oregon Steel Rack

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TerraSteel Design
TerraSteel Design


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