TerraSteel Furniture Design in Bend, Oregon believes that some of the fondest memories are made while gathered around the table. TerraSteel Furniture Design creates custom furniture pieces to ensure those family gatherings are as beautiful and memorable as possible.

Customize your family space with a special piece of furniture for your family. TerraSteel creates each piece by hand in Bend, Oregon. Their modern furniture is designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Contact TerraSteel Furniture Design to see what they can create special for you.

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

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TerraSteel Furniture Design has won awards for their custom furniture design... but did you know it's not just custom home furniture that we design? We create custom furniture for both residential AND commercial clients.

We work closely with local Oregon businesses, to create custom designs for their needs. We recently created a custom sign for GoodLife Brewing, but wanted to share another favorite Bend, Oregon creation of ours... the BackDrop Distilling Gates to the Spirit World.

These custom designed gates mark the entrance to BackDrop Distilling, and have been commented on by most people that visit the Bend, Oregon distillery.

Have an idea of your own that you'd like to see brought to life? Contact TerraSteel Furniture Design and let's get a custom creation started for you!

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design for Commerical and Residential Clients- Made in Bend, Oregon

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design for residential and commerical projects- Made in Bend, Oregon

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BackDrop Distilling swung by the shop last week to use our custom culinary cart for their one pepper infusion recipe. The best part? We got to sample it afterwards!

Stay tuned for the video!

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At TerraSteel Furniture Design we work closely with interior designers, contractors, restaurants and other commercial clients to help bring their custom furniture dreams to life in Bend, Oregon.

Our custom furniture features the use of steel and exotic hardwood, our custom furniture is hand-crafted to fit each client’s specific needs in Oregon. Our pieces are customized to fit exact dimensions so the client’s space can be utilized in the best possible way.

All TerraSteel Furniture Design custom furniture is made in Bend, Oregon. Be sure to check out our custom furniture designs!


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TerraSteel Furniture Design creates all sorts of custom pieces, and not always actual furniture. TerraSteel was happy to receive a custom design request from GoodLife Brewing in Bend, Oregon, wanting a new custom sign created for their Tasting Room.

That custom sign was delivered to the owner of GoodLife Brewing today, and the guys of TerraSteel snapped a few photos of the moment:

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Bend, OR - Custom Sign for GoodLife Brewing

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Bend, OR - Custom Sign for GoodLife Brewing

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Bend, OR - Custom Sign for GoodLife Brewing

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Team TerraSteel representing at the Gear Junkie Heaven snowball cornhole tourney, sponsored by Nevado Mountain Adventures and Hoodoo! While we didn't take first place, we were honored to be a part of an event that supported a great cause! We're coming for the grand prize next year!  Shout out to BackDrop Distilling for hosting and keeping everyone "hydrated"  :)



Designed as an entryway bench, this custom furniture piece provides the perfect space to sit upon entering your home, with plenty of space underneath to store your footwear.

But we'd love to hear how YOU would put this piece of custom furniture to use in your beautiful Bend, Oregon home!

Want this custom bench to be YOURS? You can purchase it here.

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

This past Christmas TerraSteel Furniture Design had the privilege & honor to buy toys for all the homeless kids currently staying at the Bethlehem Inn. We haven't had that much fun shopping for toys since we were kids.  Justin & I just wanted to shout out and say that the Bethlehem Inn crew does good deeds all year round.  If you have any sleeping bags please drop them to Bethlehem Inn.  A lot of people drop clothes to Goodwill, but we recommend dropping them to Bethlehem Inn so they can also get immediate use. 

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

Proud to be an Award Winning Custom Furniture Designer based outta' Bend, Oregon and serving all of Oregon & Washington.  Your Vision, HandCrafted.

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TerraSteel Furniture Design has so many amazing projects right now.  I'd like to flash back to this custom furniture piece that has been dubbed 'The Suspension Bridge' table. 


TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, Oregon

Designing custom furniture is beyond a dream come true.  Bringing unique materials together, choosing rare but unpoached wood & bringing a client's vision into a reality that they love is what drives us.  Thank you for all the feedback, compliments & awards.  We love custom furniture design & live to create pieces that turn heads. 

Cheers from Justin & Kirk at Terra Steel Furniture Design.  Happy New Year!

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Fresh new year, fresh new LOOK!

Breathe some new life into your home with a piece of custom-designed furniture. TerraSteel Furniture Design in Bend, Oregon handcrafts YOUR vision... and delivers and installs it, too!

So if you're looking for a modern or contemporary piece of furniture that complements your unique style, why not create a custom piece for a custom look that's all your own?

Get some inspiration here: http://terrasteeldesign.com/

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR

TerraSteel Custom Furniture Design - Made in Bend, OR